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Guitar Lessons with is set to go live this month according to their homepage. It will introduced to the public at the 34th Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival (April 15-17th, Dallas Market Hall).

Texas entrepreneur and longtime guitarist Doug Stouffer, takes the traditional internet instruction model but offers a more diverse section of genres (Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz) and experience levels – combined with multiple instructional interfaces, continuously updated guitar tips and notes from the instructors that are its “linchpins” – the actual legends who created the original tracks. Stouffer states, “DG is a state of the art instructional, interactive and lifestyle site for guitarists, guitar enthusiasts and musical instrument industry professionals and fans alike”.

Rates begin with a free option giving visitors an opportunity to explore the site, access basic content, lessons and The Axe Café. The full throttle PRO option at $29.99 per month gives players full access to lessons, tutorials, The Axe Café, video content and existing content, as well as deals on gear and the ability to network and reach an audience through their journey into the center of the world of guitar. There will also be demo $9.95 rate is also available providing full access for 7 days.

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