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Daria Musk – Emerging Talent and Queen of Google+

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Daria Musk. If you haven’t heard of her, I venture to say that you soon will. She’s been performing for the majority of her young life. I first heard of her through a “hangout” she was hosting on Google+. In less than two weeks she’s become a force on Google+, with over 9,000 people joining in to her most recent show in which she performed for 7-1/2 hours!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in talking with her she gave me the impression of someone with a true passion for her craft. She has a strong connection to nature and people as evident in her lyrics. She’s from the quiet woods of southwestern Connecticut and started playing in local coffee shops. Since then, she’s played at well-known venues along the east coast and as well as The Vibes Festival in CT and the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

+1 Me is a song Daria wrote while playing live on her G+ hangout:

I find her music as well as her personality to be spirited and uplifting. Her combination of strong lyrics, vocals, and guitar skills are undeniable. We talked an hour or so and here’s what she shared …

About her Google+ experience …
One of the great experiences of her life. Considering that she only got involved less than two weeks ago, she can’t say enough positive things about it. Her brother first called her about it when she was on her way to open for Nils Lofgren and she almost couldn’t be bothered with it, now she’s sure glad she did it.

She never thought of as herself as an internet artist. She’s found out through performing the G+ hangout how global her audience is. She plays for hours and says that her least favorite part is having to stop.

About her first album …

Daria’s currently working on picking her first single for an album tentatively titled “Laughing the the Face of the Lion”. See the video below of Daria’s performing the single “You Move Me”:

About her favorite guitars …
She a self-described Taylor girl. Her faves include the Taylor 714ce acoustic and the Taylor T5 acoustic/electric. She also confessed that she had a baby-blue thunder Strat when first starting out and wanted to play the “cooler” electric.

About guitar and voice lessons …
Daria took 4 years of Opera in high school, but when she started playing gigs she decided to get some help with developing her vocal technique in order to protect her voice and be able handle the riggers of playing live. She’s worked with vocal coach Mark Baxter, who’s worked with artists such as Steven Tyler.

She’s also taken guitar lessons and constantly working on her technique and using chord/song structure to hone her craft. She also loves working at coordinating playing arpeggios and singing simultaneously.

About what she loves outside of music …
Science and physics is her thing. She doesn’t claim to be a math and science whiz, she just loves discussing those subject and even drawing inspiration from them. Her song titled “Brief History” is inspired by Stephen Hawking.

About some words to live by …
Daria believes in the mantra “Dream Big – Work Hard – Say Humble” from Nils Lofgren’s “Dream Big”. I think that we all could use that one in our own lives.

I highly recommend that you check out Daria’s music and follow her to get in on her next Google+ hangout.

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