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What is a Good Guitar for a Beginner?

If you’re searching for a good guitar for a beginner you’ll find that there are a lot of well-built guitars that look and sound good to choose from. I’ll present some quality acoustic, electric, and acoustic-electric guitars to consider for less than $200, and then several online resources to hunt down potential deals. So, what defines a good guitar for a beginner? … playability, price, value, looks.

I’ll assume that you’ve decided what type of guitar you want: electric, acoustic, electric-acoustic, and that you’ll want a 6-string for now at least. With modern technology and manufacturing practices, you can find a well-made new guitar that looks and sounds good for relatively short dough.

Anyhow, as a beginner you should be more concerned with developing your playing skills before worrying about a top-notch instrument. What I’m saying is get something that fits your budget and meets your needs for now and reward yourself with a really nice guitar in the future by being to play well.

If you can, go to a local music store with a friend that can play or ask someone that works there to play some guitars that your interested in to hear how they and help you to make a decision. If not, don’t worry because it’s hard to go wrong at this stage because 1) You’ve got to develop some skills first to understand the sounds that you’re after, and 2) You don’t have to shell out big bucks for a nice guitar for a beginner.

Good guitars for beginners …

1. Jasmine by Takimine S35 Dreadnought Acoustic

    Spruce top, mahogany sides, rosewood fingerboards, adjustable neck, chrome tuners.
Takamine beginner acoustic guitar
      $99.95 …

Learn more …

2. Fender CD60 Dreadnought Acoustic

    Spruce top, mahogany body, and nato neck, sonokeling bridge, chrome tuners.
Fender acoustic beginner guitar
      $199.99 …

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3. Applause AE128 Acoustic-Electric

    Classic Ovation design, super-shallow roundback body, calibrated Spruce top, slim neck, built-in pickup/electronics system, and cutaway.
Applause beginner acoustic
      $199.00 …

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4. Epiphone PR4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package

    Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. An Acoustic-15 amplifier provides you with 15 watts of power, 3-band EQ, and Chorus.
Epiphone beginner acoustic-electric guitar
      $199.00 …

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5. Douglas Shadow Gold Electric

    Les Paul style alder archtop with maple neck. 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, humbucker pickups, 8lbs.
Douglas beginner electric guitar
      $129.95 …

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6. Douglas WR-340 TR Electric with Floyd Rose

    Solid ash body, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard, licensed Floyd Rose tremelo, one humbucker – 2 single coils, 7.5 lbs.
Douglas beginner electric guitar
      $159.95 …

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Places to look for a good guitar for a beginner …

1. Craigslist

You can still get a good deal on craiglist with the current economy and with people looking to sell their stuff for cash. Do a search under the for sale – music instr for guitars see what comes up. If insterested don’t be afraid to ask questions and for additional pictures if necessary. If you want the guitar, make an offer and see what happens. Remember, always deal locally on CL and meet in a public place.

2. Guitar Center – Used Gear

    Search the site and if you find a guitar that your interested in, bookmark the page so you can follow it. Then go to the store, ask to see it and then bargain for it. If they won’t deal, you can wait and if they still have it, go back in few weeks and try again. The longer something sits in their inventory, the more willing they’ll be to make a deal.

3. ebay

    Bidding on the guitar that you want can be fun and rewarding. Again, ask questions and get more pics if need be. Always look at the Seller’s History for feedback. Check the return policy.

4. Rondo Music

      Rondo Music is located New Hampshire, they’ve been in business since the 1950′s. They’ve been forging a strong presence in the beginner guitar market. They import brands such as Douglas, Sx, and Agile. I bought

my Douglas guitar

    from Rondo about a year ago now and I will say that they are a great value for the money. Where else can you get Floyd Rose Electric for less than $130? The also have a good select of acoustics and left-handed guitars.

5. ZZounds, Musician’s Friend, Daddy’s Junky Music

    As with Guitar Center, you can search these site for deals, blowouts, and blemished guitars at big discounts.

I hope this helps you find the guitar that’s right for you. If you need a guitar strap as well get some ideas at cheap leather guitar straps. If you have questions or have had experience with buying a beginner guitar please share your thoughts.

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