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Fallsstart Cranks Ups the Heat for Our Summer

Fallstart is a hard charging alt rock band from Honolulu, Hawaii. Their high energy can be heard and felt in all aspects of their craft. Even on acoustic jems like “Forget It” there is palatable sincerity in the band their passion for music.

The band has a very interesting background in that Davey Leatherwood – FallsStart’s singer, guitarist and violinist, first met guitarist Adrian Cottmeyer in 2006 while stationed in South Korea on active duty for the United States Air Force. The band uniquely find time for their music and friendships in between service in the United States Military. Cottmeyer is still active duty.

They will be releasing their second CD on August 10, 2012, a 6 track EP appropriately titled “Our Summer“.

Taking inspiration from both modern punk, alternative and classic rock, the release contains a fusion of genres, even featuring violin on a few tracks.

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